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Special Sessions follow the same format as Regular Sessions. The time frames are slots of 15 min for Contributed Lectures and 15 or 30 min for Invited Lectures.

A Special Session consists of 3 to 10 lectures that focus on specific emerging and/or hot topics in ultrasound not covered by the scope of Regular Sessions (e.g. interdisciplinary topics).

The collection of topical specific sessions forms the backbone of the congress"s scientific program. Volunteer organizers will develop their Special Session. The Special Session organizers are responsible for the technical content of their Special Session; they suggest invited lecturers to the Co-Chairs of the Scientific Committee, solicit appropriate contributed papers and review the dedicated submitted abstracts.

Invitation to become a Special Session Organizer

Persons with leading competence in a timely topic of ultrasonics are cordially invited to suggest Special Session titles and Invited Lecturers to the Co-Chairs of the ICU Scientific Committee, Prof. Wolfgang Sachse and Prof. Ewald Benes.

Current Preliminary List of Special Sessions

S01 Nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy in NDT Sigrun Hirsekorn
S02 Nonlinear acoustics of granular media Vitalyi Gusev
S03 Ultrasound and nano-materials Nico F. Declercq
S04 Non-destructive evaluation of anisotropic materials A. G. Every, Nico F. Declercq
S05 On the way to miniaturization of thermoacoustic devices Tesushi Biwa, Pierrick Lotton
S06 Ultrasonics for characterization of material aging Leonhard J. Bond
S07 Modeling of performance demonstration for ultrasonic in-service inspection Steve Doctor, Leonhard J. Bond
S08 Surface acoustic waves and emerging applications Peter Hess
S09 Therapeutic applications of microbubbles and sonoporation Ayache Bouakaz, Branka Devcic
S10 Applications of acoustic radiation force in imaging and material characterization Mostafa Fatemi
S11 Safety and quality insurance of diagnostic ultrasound devices Christian Kollmann
S12 Micro-manipulation of particles by ultrasonic fields Jürg Dual, A. Neild
S13 Near-field acoustic microscopy N.N.
S14 Ultrasound in microfluid devices Thomas Laurell, Michiel Vellekoop
S15 Ultrasonics of fibre-reinforced composite materials Igor Solodov
S16 Interface bonding and adhesion Vitalyi Gusev
S17 Ultrasonics of bone Pascal Laugier
S18 High intensity focused ultrasound HIFU Larry Crum

2007 ICU International Congress on Ultrasonics
April 9 - 11, 2007, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
Institut für Allgemeine Physik, TU-Wien
ICU home page: http://www.ICUltrasonics.org/
e-Mail: office@ICUltrasonics.org
President of the ICU Board: Prof. Ewald Benes

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